Davide Oppizzi, DCUBE CEO & Founder

Davide Oppizzi, a Swiss designer and owner of the DCUBE SWISS SA studio based in Geneva since 20 years. He is a truly versatile designer, his production ranges from lighting design to furnishings, from green tech  to lighting planning, and from interiors to high-tech . His style is inspired by industrial design while keeping an eye on sustainability and material testing, balancing technology and aesthetic in each creation.  

Often inspired by nature, Davide Oppizzi’s vision is to spread his feeling for pure design to both his students and the whole world.

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To transmit a passion

Since 2007, DCUBE has been called upon to lead workshops on the theme of lighting, the ecological concept of products and commercial space at the Haute École d’Art et de Design (HEAD) and at the École Supérieure de Visual Merchandising Design (ESVM).


DCUBE’s unusual artistic approach and thorough knowledge of the latest technologies applicable to lighting and design makes it the agency of choice for the needs of international clients who wish to set themselves apart. Drawing on various transversal disciplines such as lighting, design, greentech and architecture, DCUBE perfectly translates the needs and requirements of its clients, even going beyond their expectations. With its intimate and emotional approach, DCUBE breathes a futuristic vision into its projects, a unique style and refined elegance that includes both the aspects linked to sustainable development and performance.


At DCUBE, the creative act proceeds from a unique and futurist consideration, an exclusive and totally visionary savoir-faire. Each project begins with freehand research drawings. These drawings reveal the beginnings of the subject’s theme, its forms, ergonomics, requirements, productivity and the emotional feeling for its volumes. The constraint is an excellent stimulator of creativity that pushes the creator to constantly surpass himself.

Once the broad lines have been decided and the character established, a 3D modelling tool visualises the interaction between the shapes and volumes of the project, design or architecture. High precision modelling that gives way to the addition of textures and lights to enable photo-realistic images to provide the client with the best possible perception of the order’s reality.

In the final stage, the creator DCUBE produces detailed working drawings, using aesthetic and technical dimensioning which will then be submitted to the manufacturer for the production phase.


“Only light can reveal matter.” Convinced of the influence of light on humans, objects and spaces, as well as their yin-yang complementarity, DCUBE has specialised in light engineering. It provides its clients with complete lighting studies for all the projects destined to bring their products to prominence. DCUBE demonstrates unique mastery of all the essential parameters for a lighting project: concept, aesthetics, technology, installation and sales. At DCUBE, the consideration of how a space should be lit is primarily an emotional vision, anterior to the technicalities. The expertise in light engineering that accompanies this creative vision makes DCUBE a novel company with the capacity to fulfill all the requirements of a demanding international clientele.