Design Davide Oppizzi

Created by the designer Davide Oppizzi for the lighting editor ARTEMIDE,
the Curiosity lamp has been designed to highlight everyday objects.
Nomadic lamp on battery, it adapts to both individuals and professionals. The range consists of two models, the small and the large. Practical and adaptable, Artemide also offers an opal spherical shade to provide diffuse lighting and change the look of the lamp in the blink of an eye.
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"La luce è in tavola" 

Design et nourriture : Sources lumineuses directes sur l’assiette, et sources indirectes diffuses pour le jardin ou la salle a manger : les astuces des designers pour exalter les saveurs.


Birds need Nests ! 

Beyond the design, this project is a message for all of us: that each square centimetre taken from biodiversity can be given back to it by a gesture of préservation, by obtaining a harmony of living man/nature. To do this, we will have to relearn and revalue what we often no longer see around us, which is just there and which suffers from our ignorance and greed, whereas the right to life is equal for all living beings.  Thanks to the expertise of Artemide, Birdlife and the creator of the concept Davide Oppizzi, this professional nesting box project will be able to help many bird species preservation around the world.