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DCUBE.SWISS wishes you a successful flight into
the coming new year 2022 !


Blue tits dance to celebrate the new year

"This year we decided to offer our contribution
to mother nature"

If you also wish to offer a useful gift for our environment, let's support together the association BIRDLIFE by a donation to this association so useful for the safeguard of the birds. It is the real world that is suffering because of our activities which are destroying what remains of the magical and fairy tale: a biodiversity that has been weakened by our activities. May the new resolutions for the new year guide us towards more harmony for this beautiful blue planet that inspires us so much !

Support Birdlife here

NEEDOO : innovation for birds preservation.

Created by Davide Oppizzi for Artemide and supported by BirdLife International.

"Needoo respects the alchemy of night and nature. It significantly reduces light pollution and the impact on flora and fauna so that it does not interfere with their photobiological cycle. It is a silent light that becomes an integral part of the delicate balance of biodiversity by supporting it."

" Thanks to the sensitivity of Carlotta de Bevilaqua, CEO and President of Artemide, this project has been made possible and presented at the last Salon del Mobile in Milan in September 2021."


Comprised of a bollard and three different poles, it offers perfectly controlled light that respects nature by illuminating only what is strictly necessary. Perched atop the pole there is a shelter for birds. The light head is positioned below the nest and consists of a plate which screens the light and forms a surface upon which small animals can rest.

The controlled light of Needoo does not interfere with this perception and does not dazzle them.

The carefully designed optics, their positioning, the quality of light and its control via integrated sensors help to ensure harmonious co-existence of humans and nature, respecting the circadian rhythms of each species and a positive energy balance.

Needoo combines an approach that is mindful of the perceptive needs of humans and animals and that speaks of respecting and sharing spaces. Birds must be able to navigate their way using their natural reference points which are the night sky with the stars and the moon.

" An entire family with different lighting performances."


The nest doors are adapted to each species. Needoo is not just an outdoor lighting system but above all a place ready to embrace biodiversity. Needoo is the perfect system for helping animals in our contemporary spaces, offering suitable shelter in parks to help repopulate urban areas with different species, enriching our quality of life. As indicated by numerous studies, the lack of nesting spaces is one cause of the loss of biodiversity. Needoo aims to be a small but practical step, an action to help reverse this worrying trend. Needoo project opened a collaboration with Birdlife Swisse on all aspects linked to the different species’ behaviour.

Complete project on the ARTEMIDE website

Wishing you...


We look forward to seeing you back on 10 January 2022 !