Ring of Water

(translated from German) 

A noble ring offers the plumbing company Graff. The Ametis shower ring, awarded in December 2014, with the Best of Year Award in the category bathroom fixtures, developed by designer Davide Oppizzi for Graff. The exclusive collection of sophisticated sanitary objects perfected the pure craftsmanship. It represents the avant-garde design language of the purist steel circle its function in the foreground. The simple ring underlines the pure form of water, which dominates as a natural element. At the same time the shower ring features a LED system with six color variations. lndirect lighting with chromotherapy effect makes for a relaxed atmosphere. The substance may have the two types of jet shower and waterfall, which can easily be switched over shut-off valves. The water flows out of the ring at a perfect angle and is merged exactly centered. The product is available in chrome and powder coated matt black or matt white - with a lifetime warranty.

Client ∙ Graff
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2013