An optimistic house is chic and cheerful.

The Kathleen mirror imagined by Davide Oppizzi, among the proposals of "a hose full of positivity", on the design section of the famous widespread fashion, lifestyle and trend magazine for women.

This article shows us how to give a pop tone to your home, focusing on colour. Pink is modern, elegant and infuses a charge of optimism. Just look at the images of the new office of The Blonde Salad, home of the online magazine and the talent agency created by Chiara Ferragni. The entrepreneur, queen of the fashion influencers, has chosen this colour as the thread running through all the rooms. From the walls to the armchairs in the meeting room to the sofa in her private space. The effect is both chic and welcoming. In this article you can follow the advice of the interior designers who created the headquarters of the Chiara Ferragni Collection.

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Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2018