Versatile applique LED lamp

Born of the creative mind of designer Davide Oppizzi, 
2nights has won the prestigious 2016 Red Dot Award for the Product Design category. An important recognition for a small wall light with a great potential, conceived to cast a soft diffused light beam on your moments of relaxation. 

2nights is a playful wall light characterized by organic lines and entirely made of aluminium. The 4 W powerLED circuit, featuring CRI90 and 3 MacAdam steps for excellent colour reproduction, is integrated into a directional element and casts a warm white emission, the perfect light for reading. The very same element, at right angles, conveys the emission upwards by means of an upper opening that can house a specific interchangeable decorative filter. The product is available in a variety of finishesand base-mobile support combinations: white-white, black-black, white-copper, and black-gold. Further customization is possible by choosing among the different versions of filters: holed with a particular pattern, neutral matt or coloured. Light is projected on the wall behind where it creates a variety of evocative effects. 

The Red Dot Awards, now in its 61st year, is one of the most important and prestigious design prizes worldwide. This year no less than 5,200 products coming from 57 countries took part in the competition. 2nights will be awarded the prize on 4 July 2016 during the official ceremony to be held in Essen and then will be displayed at the Red Dot Design Museum, the largest contemporary design exhibition worldwide. 

Visit the RED DOT AWARD 2016
Visit the producer's website: www.linealight.com

Client ∙ Linealight MA&DE collection
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2015