A project with the artist Cristina Simoes

YOUCUBE PROJECT_ Gifted with an unparalleled sensitivity for graphic motifs inspired by organic forms, Cristina has created a magnificent collection of translucent sticker motifs to decorate Rolex’ after sales service in Rabat, Morocco. This semi-transparent optic screen provides workspaces with privacy and flowing graphic design.

Who is Cristina Simoes ?

After a short immersion in maritime transportation, Cristina discovered that make-up was an art that allowed her to express her taste for colours and textures. Each face becomes a canvas upon which her brushes work their magic. Make-up is a fleeting art that constantly allows the creation of fresh new looks.

Dcube made it possible for Cristina to go further in her creativity and the magic of detail using graphic design. Discover the Cristina new website

Cristina also repoduces false injuries for first aid exercises in case of accident. The effects are impressively realistic!

Client ∙ AZUELOS Marocco
Designer ∙ DCUBE & Cristina Simoes
Year ∙ 2008