Authentic contemporary furniture.

ROLF & TITI authentic contemporary furniture.

Modules in solid wood, created by Davide Oppizzi, for the RTS series "Un Hôtel a la Maison". Made of oiled rough oak, these modules are manufactured from the trees intended to be eliminated or exported as judged too "impure". "Rolf & Titi", a line of simple furniture with a high ecological impact, takes its name from the famous owners of the guest house: the Bergerie in Mormont (Ju). They work as well in a local production made in Jura, with species chosen with love by Rolf Amstutz in the surrounding forests.

Available soon in several sizes. Mortise assembly, solid rough oiled wood. Its aesthetic feature is to expose the sapwood (trunk under the bark) on the front face. Authentic but not rustic !!

Client ∙ RTS - Télévision Suisse Romande
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Architect ∙ DCUBE design espaces lumière SA
Year ∙ 2012