2014 Interior Design Best of Year Award

Ametis Ring, winner of the Interior Design Best of Year Award in the Bath Fittings category, is certainly an avant-garde project, recognizable by its fluid design and light effect, a representation of the union between the universe and oceans; almost a futuristic “ode” to high design. On the basis of an online voting system administered by architects, design firms and internationally renowned designers, Ametis Ring was selected among over 2000 exclusive projects.
Davide Oppizzi’s intention was to create, for GRAFF, a collection of unique
items that reveal the deep connection between existence and the nature around us, in which the intrinsic value of the objects, inherent in matter, transfers emotions to be enjoyed each and every moment. Drawing inspiration from his experience with water and colors, from the waves movement and from the old tradition of Japanese typography, executed with a single brush stroke, this new collection transforms water, such a precious element, in a hymn to purity that allows you to get closer to the most intimate expressions of the soul.

Client ∙ GRAFF
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2014