Exposition du photographe Cédric Bregnard

YOUCUBE PROJECT & the Artist Cedric Bregnard
Invited to appear at the 25 year anniversary of Tokyo's prestigious Wacoal Art Center(Spiral), Cédric Bregnard asked Davide Oppizzi to model the enormous space in the Spiral thus creating an exhibition layout for the works, while maintaining maximal  coherence of the photographs in the space.  I GRAW opened in july 2010 in Tokyo.

Trained at Vevey School of Photography, 
Cedric Bregnard presented a portrait of men and women towards the end of their lives at his graduation. Starting with these faces of troubling serenity, he set off on a grand visual voyage of initiation, searching for ways to express perceptions of lifetime transitions through image. In August 2010, he was invited to exhibit at the prestigious Wacoal Art Center in Tokyo (Spiral), which was celebrating its 25th anniversary. He presented "iGrow", an exhibition investigating the metamorphoses and memories of life cycles through eight series of photographs. www.cedricbregnard.ch

Client ∙ Cédric Bregnard Photographies
Architect ∙ DCUBE
Year ∙ 2010