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Rosita Oppizzi (CEO Les Lettres D'Or) and I created a corporate image for her new agency for translation and writing. Her first novel “Royaumine ou l’herbe je-veux,”  provided the opportunity to create a cover for this wonderful story, published by “Mon Petit Editeur”, Paris. 

“Inspiration doesn’t fall on me by surprise. It isn’t easy for me to approach. It delicately acclimatizes itself to me. A silent meditation away from the glory and sensation of the big screen. Timid, sometimes hostile. It will make only the authentic sediment fertile. Demanding, you have to earn it.” Translated extract from 
Royaumine ou l’herbe je veux. Such is the relationship that Rosita establishes with words. A flash of brilliance from the sky emanates from each of her words, and flares up in the shadows of her soul, below the noise. Illustration by Davide Oppizzi.