Architecture of the GRAFF Stand

Bathroom manufacturer Graff presented a new image to the world at the Cersaie trade fair in 2011. Swiss design company DCUBE was brought on board to showcase the company’s latest collections and opted to use the key products themselves as the basis for the scenography of the stand.

The approach to visual merchandising enabled the brand to stand out from the other fair exhibitors thanks to clear architectural harmony that complemented the communication media deployed.

The design by Davide Oppizzi of DCUBE was inspired by capillarity and the distinctive appearance of oil on water. The team created intimate areas of presentation as raised islands that stood out in the darkened space thanks to key aspects of yellow backlit illumination.

A curvilinear design and an organic atmosphere pervaded the stand incorporating an aquatic feel and a suggestion of movement. 

Ceiling-mounted spots projecting light through a narrow focus illuminated all products, rendering a theatrical atmosphere.
Some key products were presented on matt-black platforms, which ensured a dramatic contrast with their white surfaces. Highly reflective ceramic materials adorned the floors and walls of the rest of the stand and gave a feeling of lightness. In addition, the white laminate floors reflected the surrounding presentation modules like the water of a calm pond.

Two pools of water covered with volcanic stones allowed showers to operate as a closed loop for demonstrations. Flat-screen monitors positioned at intervals on the main wall played promotional films that relayed corporate information and news to visitors.

Client ∙ Graff
Architect ∙ Davide Oppizzi & Jean-Marc Salemi
Year ∙ 2011