TANDEM EXPO Switzerland

A new Raboud Group - Bises 2'000m2 exhibition

TANDEM EXPO, a furniture shop project illuminated by DCUBE. For this 2'000m2 space we use only LED technology in HD efficiency to render the best colors of the exhibited objects. 

Are you wondering what’s behind TANDEM?

It’s the essential exhibition combining kitchens, housing and offices with engaged, contemporary design! Bise MEUBLES and RABOUDGROUP have come together to create an exhibition area of 2,000 m2. We offer both private and business clients the chance to benefit from our extensive experience in interior design.

Client ∙ Raboud Group & Meubles Bise
Lighting planning ∙ DCUBE - Davide Oppizzi
Architect ∙ Raboud Group
Year ∙ 2016