How we work the Light in your projects

Light for Museums & Art

Light and shadow reveal not only the expression of the golden bust of Marcus Aurelius at the Roman Museum in Avenches, but also highlight all the essential details of this unique work of art. Thus, the approach to museographical illumination requires an in-depth knowledge of the subject presented by the curators and art historians. It is indeed the work of art to be illuminated that dictates its specificities to the lighting planner who must reveal them with focalised, non-dazzling, light sources using natural tints, which take into account the general atmosphere to create a sufficient contrast and highlight the splendour of the artwork.

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Choose from among the Pack A to R the best combination for your project or contact us for a detailled presentation.

PACK A : Initial specifications

PACK B : Fixtures selection

PACK C : Light effects moodboard

PACK D : Moodboard + CAD

PACK E : Measurements

PACK F : 2D-3D light calculation

PACK G : XL 2D-3D light simulation

PACK H : XS 2D-3D light simulation

PACK I : XL lighting implementation

PACK J : XS lighting implementation

PACK K : Accurate measurement

PACK L : Managing space

PACK M : Electrical connection

PACK N : Electronic devices

PACK O : Control groups

PACK P : Automation

PACK Q : Product datasheet 

PACK R : Power consumption