Light for Outdoor

How we work the Light in your projects

Light for Outdoor 

Lighting is essential after nightfall for the perception of outdoor spaces and must meet our needs for security after dark.

The first primary requirement is of course for orientation light, which allows the functional external volumes to be seen (stairs, paths, underpasses etc.).

The second function is the contribution of landscape light, making the different levels of vegetation areas, trees, facades of buildings facades, manufacturing and private housing easy to see.

The third function, which is less essential but nonetheless ever-present in our urban environment, is decorative lighting, it serves to highlight architectural features or create a warm and decorative lighting atmosphere.

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Choose from among the Pack A to R the best combination for your project or contact us for a detailled presentation.

PACK A : Initial specifications

PACK B : Fixtures selection

PACK C : Light effects moodboard

PACK D : Moodboard + CAD

PACK E : Measurements

PACK F : 2D-3D light calculation

PACK G : XL 2D-3D light simulation

PACK H : XS 2D-3D light simulation

PACK I : XL lighting implementation

PACK J : XS lighting implementation

PACK K : Accurate measurement

PACK L : Managing space

PACK M : Electrical connection

PACK N : Electronic devices

PACK O : Control groups

PACK P : Automation

PACK Q : Product datasheet 

PACK R : Power consumption