Batu Api

Lamps born in Bali lava stone

COULEUR LAVE sells its first luminaire range: BATU API. Designer of enamelled lava stone furniture, Couleur Lave manufactures kitchens, bathrooms and decorative objects combining beauty and resistance.
These light sculptures were imagined by Davide Oppizzi. He is inspired by the raw material of the lava stone and by the primitive and artisanal objects of the island of the gods, often simple and essential. Each model Batu Api is named after a volcano on the island . The collection comes as a family with 6 different shapes and typologies. The white enameling work on the rough stone gives it a unique and originalfinish to reflect the light.

Client ∙ Couleur Lave
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2019