Hôpital de la tour Meyrin

Deprived of outdoor light, the radio-anthology service located at level -3 of the Hôpital de la Tour is finally emerging thanks to the installation of the unique product DCUBE.

Our approach focused on the well-being of employees, but also of the patient. We wanted to minimize the anxiety that we can feel when we go to level -3 of a hospital to perform, in most cases, heavy care.

DCUBE created the illusion by proposing an innovative system: the BIG SKY Circadian Dynamic Horizons. This luminaire reproduces the moving horizons of a sunny day. The complete floor of more than 1'000m2 is equipped with these surprising technologies which bring you a well-being identical to the true light of the day. An experience of relaxation, anxiety and well-being all day long for patients and caregivers. True light therapy that really improves the quality of life in a closed environment.

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Client ∙ Hôpital de la Tour
Light Designer ∙ DCUBE
Year ∙ 2018