Rhône 8

Passage sous arches Genève

✨Rhône 8✨
" Light reveals matter, space and human activities".
In the heart of Geneva a 130 meters covered passage the new light concept creating an incredible perspective light effect !
Pure and elegant, the LED technology used is programmed to vary according to the seasons and is transformed into a video PIXEL by #Atea for annuals events !
If your'e in Geneva, the project is situated between the prestigious Rue du Rhone and " Rue du Commerce"
Davide Oppizzi - Dcube has designed a custom-made light fixture to bring life and elegance to this once dark passageway.
Client ∙ Private Real estate Swiss Company
Light Designer ∙ Davide oppizzi
Lighting planning ∙ DCUBE.Swiss
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Architect ∙ DCUBE.swiss
Year ∙ 2021