Edition planter for aromatic plants by Schaller

THE PLUG & PLAY OF AROMATIC PLANTS Created by Davide Oppizzi for Schaller Switzerland

Mint, basil, sage... So many aromatic plants used daily by fresh cuisine lovers. With Aromatik, growing them becomes child's play by keeping the plants in theiroriginal pots and replacing them very simply as they are consumed. 
With a space designed for more than 5 plants in square or rectangular version, the AromatiQ edition planter is space-saving and can be placed everywhere: on a balcony, in the garden, on the terrace. Used indoors, Aromatik is transformed into a stylized storage and decoration unit.
Airy in its mass by thin hollowed-out lines cut with laser, it lets the light pass through creating a play of shadow and light on the ground. The designer Davide Oppizzi designed it on a resolutely innovative and contemporary style inspired by the ornament of the revisited antique columns. Available in 6 natural shades it harmonizes with its environment and existing outdoor furniture.


Available in 5 shades designed for a perfect mix & match, the Aromatik planter is also available in authentic Corten® steel, with a natural rusty patina.
The colors and their shades may vary slightly depending on the configuration of the displaying screen and the material on which they are applied.


Client ∙ Schaller
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2023