Cubo was born from the desire to show that it is possible that in the near future, solar technologies can be not only efficient, but also beautiful, and why notbeautiful as sculptures?

This is the successful bet launched by designer Davide Oppizzi by bringing together two elements in an outdoor sculpture: the first is a solar panel whose cells are invisible to the naked eye (developed by KromatixTM), the second is a minimalist Corten metal cube, made thanks to the know-how of the Schaller company specializing in landscape architecture, producing metallic outdoor layout elements. Thus, glass and metal come together to form a sculpture with futuristic and mineral aspects, like a formation of crystals out of the ground and offering us all its energy. Its architecture is designed for an ideal orientation towards the sky with dynamic asymmetry that makes it alive.

Because yes, Cubo is not only a sculpture pleasant to look at by its colors taken out of the earth and its materials, but also by its function as a solar elec- tric generator capable of accumulating energy through its elegant colorful photovoltaic panel to redistribute it in garden lights, or in any other system requiring energy, or in the house.

Davide Oppizzi thus signs a nod to the confines of technology and sculptural art. Is this not a peculiarity of the intrinsic beauty of nature that surrounds us?


No pigments, dyes, paint, or screen printing are used with the IFT Certified KromatixTM Solar Glass. The unique and shimmering blue colour is obtained by an interference of light phenomena, like many butterfly colorations. The deposition of highly effi- cient and environmentally friendly nanotechnology surface treatments makes the solar glass durable and immune to UV degradation.

A multilayered coating is deposited on the inner glass surface with low pressure plasma processes. Its constitutive materials are exclusively selected based on their high solar transmittance, zero absorption and high durability while maximizing high color stability.

Treatment of the outer glass surface results in diffused reflection. This prevents glare effects and reinforces the masking effect of the solar devices’ technical parts.

Thanks to the unique KromatixTM technology, the transmittance is about 88%.