Decorative chandelier for FIAM Italia

In his new Marry Me collection Davide Oppizzi wanted to express the close intimacy between glass and light, exploiting Fiam’s DNA in all its precision, elegance, and depth.

To create this delicate encounter Davide Oppizzi primarily focused on the idea that light should distance itself from the circular glass in order to transfer all its volume and structure.Hence the seam point becomes a key element, being located in the center of the glass disc. Like a ring with its diamond, the metal clamp inherits its elegance from the world of jewelry, with its precious and elaborated finish.

Easy to compose, suitable for horizontal or vertical spaces, the volume of Marry Me adapts to all contemporary ambiences to create a single or multiple composition, becoming the “masterpiece” of your interior landscape.

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Client ∙ Fiam
Designer ∙ Davide Oppizzi
Year ∙ 2023